Proud to be working with these entities.

  • De Longhi

    “ Leading espresso machine manufacturer founded in 1902, De'Longhi operates 13 production facilities and 30 international subsidiaries that support sales to 75 countries worldwide. Headquarters is in Treviso, Italy.”

    18 Days Roaster

    “ is a family-owned corporation focused on manufacturing and deploying community roasting business units (CRBUs) all over the country, most especially in the countryside, propelling local economies. They have the patent for an vacuum air coffee roasting machine that we support.”

    Bana's Coffee

    "Apart from being one of the best spots for coffee in Mountain Province, Philippines, Bana’s Coffee is also an active community coffee roastery. Bana’s Coffee pioneered in bean-to-cup coffee model, quality- focused farming, and a strongly advocate of sustainable approaches in coffee."

  • <

    "The mainstay of SANREMO is high quality and technological innovation: we constantly strive to raise our standards and to always find the best solutions for our business partners.