Frequently Asked Questions

What makes CSC stand out from other coffee schools?

CSC is the only coffee institution that runs its own coffee origin as field lab for students. Located at more than 2,000 meters above sea level, this hands-on experience in an actual coffee origin provides a truly incomparable learning experience which no other coffee learning institution can provide.

Also, students at CSC’s training facility get the advantage of learning in its own fully equipped coffee facilities such as a coffee tasting room, a coffee cupping and coffee sensory lab, an actual working coffee bar, a working roastery, and instruction from leading industry experts and practitioners.

Do I need to have any academic qualification or professional coffee experience to get accepted at CSC?

The only requirement is your enthusiasm for coffee.

Does CSC have TESDA accreditation?

We are currently processing our TESDA accreditation for some courses.

I’m coming from out-of-town, is there any place I can stay near Coffee Science Center during training?

Yes. CSC runs its own dining and accommodation service in both its training facilities in Quezon City and at coffee origin. There are a few reasonably priced inns and hotels around the area of Teachers Village, Quezon City. Please ask our CSC representative for other details and for CSC’s student dining and accommodation packages.

Do you offer any payment terms?

Payment terms are considered on case-to-case basis for individuals, for corporate or group accounts, and only for coffee programs which run for a substantial length of time. Please feel free to discuss payment terms with our CSC representative where applicable.

Will I get a certificate?

If you are doing the certificate course and you pass the exam, yes. If you do fail, our course instructors will tell you which aspect you need to work on. You will be then given further training within reason at minimal cost, and allowed to retry. We keep our standards high which makes getting the Certificate certainly meaningful.

Are there course credits?

CSC allows course credits for BaristaPro Course applicants only, and under these conditions:

1) that the individual is holds a valid Philippines TESDA Barista National Certificate, or 2 years of continuous, verifiable, and relevant work experience (subject to CSC assessment and approval); AND

2) passing mark of CSC BaristaPro Written and Practical Exams.

What is the language of instruction?


How many students in a class?

Range of 3 - 12 students per class. Our experience show that a low student-instructor ratio in a class is the most effective learning model in any coffee education.

How many coffees will I make?

You can taste and make as many coffees necessary to learn a particular skill.

Do I need a work or student visa?

No work or student visa is required to attend our workshops or courses. Anyone can attend from any nationality.

Are all coffee machines the same?

Yes all commercial coffee machines function the same way like all cars are driven the same way. Once you have learned on our machines you will be able to operate every machine.

How can I make payment?

You can pay in cash and check via our BPI bank account. You can also pay via credit card (Visa / Mastercard) in our facility before classes begin.