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    A Different Coffee Perspective
    Be prepared for an immersive coffee experience and change the way we think about coffee.
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    An In-depth and Practical
    Study of Origin-to-Cup

    We take a critical view of coffee models and standards, and share knowledge on proven sustainable outcomes.
  • Certified Coffee
    Specialist Program
    Gain invaluable learning on coffee-growing at origin to
    expertise in brewing methods at the bar.
  • Sustaining and Sharing
    our Coffee Heritage
    Using science as a tool in understanding the
    uniqueness of coffee cultures and the sustainable
    approaches to preserve them.


Take part in a truly unique and innovative coffee learning experience.

Unlock the science behind everything about coffee.

Understand what goes into building a successful coffee program for your business.

The top choice for continuing coffee professional courses.

One of the best ways to start your career in coffee.


Get hands-on learning at coffee origin and in actual work environments.

Get a one-of-a-kind hands-on coffee education approach. Our courses are designed to share knowledge based on practical learning under the guidance of field experts and practitioners, coffee professionals, using actual equipment, machinery, and working in actual origin, roastery, or coffee bar environments. Everyone will benefit from the experience from beginners to experts!


We believe learning is most effective when one experiences the principles and understands actual coffee origins.

Until now, developing the skills we’ve always heard of but never really understood about coffee can only be had through years of work as a coffee buyer, barista, café owner, and coffee roaster. There has never been a coffee learning institution where one can truly immerse and learn in actual coffee environments. Taking all that our teams have learned from years of experience and growing up in coffee origins, we developed these courses to share our knowledge on the outcomes of our work from the coffee origin, the roastery, and at the bar. Seriously an amazing experience for coffee professionals and enthusiasts.


What we have is groundbreaking, and it's what we love to share.

Keeping a tight grip on our belief that coffee is a way of life, it goes without saying that sharing the disruptive knowledge we currently have is as important as our obsession in crafting only the best cups itself.

Our years of being in the industry and growing in coffee origins have made our obsession in being the advocates of coffee learning, grew into something vast and immense. It is our passion to make it possible for curious minds to be able to partake in a truly unique and innovative coffee learning experience.

Holistic Approach

Learn the details of every touchpoint.

Gaining insights on how it works from origin-to-cup is complicated and simple at the same time. That is why it's always our pleasure to give you a complete guide into all the complexity and simplicity of coffee principles and origins.

Discover the concept of coffee models and standards, and develop a deeper understanding of coffee like never before through our holistic approach. Joining our intensive courses and training will lead you into participating the journey of exploring answers to worthwhile questions.

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